Dinosaur fossil beds
in the Iberian peninsula


Tereñes (Tereñes. Ribadesella. Asturias)
Natural Monument
Upper Jurassic (Kimmeridgian)

200 tracks have been inventoried in Tereñes, which represent ornithopods and theropods of different sizes, sauropods and thyreophorans. This site is especially significant from a scientific point of view as it represents one of the few sites that conserves tracks assigned to Deltapodus, produced by stegosaurians. It is also the first example of the Spanish Upper Jurassic and one of the few sites in the world that reflects herd behaviour in ornithopods. These ornithopod tracks were apparently produced by larger individuals than would correspond to the bone remains known to this moment from this era.

Tereñes. Click to enlarge Tereñes. Click to enlarge
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