Dinosaur fossil beds
in the Iberian peninsula

Pedreira do Galinha

Pedreira do Galinha (Santarem, Portugal)
Middle Jurassic (Bajocian-Bathonian)
National Monument of Pegadas de Dinossáurios Ourém – Torres Novas

The scientific importance of the Pedreira do Galinha site (Natural Monument of Pegadas de Dinossáurio da Serra d’Aire) lies in several aspects:
• It is one of the largest and most significant sites known with sauropod ichnites from the Middle Jurassic (170 Ma), taking into account the large number of tracks (around 1,100) and their excellent state of conservation.
• It has some of the longest and best conserved sauropod trails known (one of 147 metres and another of 142 metres).
• It reveals the best examples of sauropod hand impressions with evidence of the fingers, particularly finger I, allowing us to know morphological aspects of the feet and hand of the animals that produced them.
• It reveals the existence of sauropod track morphotypes that are different from those known so far in the rest of the world register and, therefore, they are new to science: it is a Polyonyx gomesi type of site.

Pedreira do Galinha. Click to enlarge Pedreira do Galinha. Click to enlarge

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