Dinosaur fossil beds
in the Iberian peninsula

Vale de Meios

Vale de Meios (Santarem, Portugal)
Middle Jurassic (Bathonian)
Asset of Municipal Interest

In the Vale de Meios site there is estimated to be around 3,750 tridactyl theropod and approximately 30 sauropods tracks. The scientific importance of the Vale de Meios site resides mainly in these aspects:

• It is the largest and most significant site with theropod tracks from the Middle Jurassic (170 Ma) of the Iberian Peninsula, taking into account the large quantity of tracks and trails, as well as its state of conservation.
• The state of conservation of the tridactyl tracks allows us to know morphological aspects of the feet of the animals that produced them, proving the presence of primitive theropods
• The carnivorous dinosaurs would have had hind limbs of 2 to 3 m at hip height and would have travelled at speeds of 4 to 6 Km/h.

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