Dinosaur fossil beds
in the Iberian peninsula


Fumanya (Vallcebre, Figols, Barcelona, Spain) Upper Cretaceous
Site of Natural Interest

The group of dinosaur track sites of Fumanya contains an extremely important register; being one of the sites with the highest number of ichnites in Europe. It also represents the first site in the world to be described in detail with indisputable titanosaurus tracks (the last sauropods to inhabit the Earth). In the more than 3,500 tracks (mostly sauropods, although theropods have also been discovered) there is not an excessive amount of trails. The largest extend up to 80 metres and contain around 70 footprints.

The discovery of the remains of dinosaur eggs associated with the ichnites is an important fact, as it is not only more evidence of their existence, but is also proof of their behaviour and way of life.

Fumanya. Click to enlarge Fumanya. Click to enlarge
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