Dinosaur fossil beds
in the Iberian peninsula


Fuentesalvo (Villar del Río, Soria, Castilla y Leon, Spain)
Jurassic – Cretaceous Transition (Berriasian)
Asset of Cultural Interest, Archaeological Zone

Some 77 ichnites are known in Fuentesalvo, associated in 12 trails. They are tridactyl ichnites of theropod appearance. This site is very important from a scientific point of view as it is a site of the Therangospodus oncalensis ichnotaxa type. The presence in the basal Lower Cretaceous of this taxon (which is usually associated with the Megalosaurus in the Upper Jurassic of Asia and North America) and that of the Megalosaurus in nearby sites, of the same age as Fuentesalvo, could imply the existence of endemic dinosaur fauna at the beginning of the Cretaceous in the Iberian Peninsula, due to the isolation of the peninsula after the fragmentation of Pangaea.

Fuentesalvo. Click to enlarge Fuentesalvo. Click to enlarge
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